Save money on your morning coffeeSkip ordering your coffee and make your own to save over $500 a year

Do you want to easily save $500 or more a year? o you love your morning coffee? Do you stop by your local coffee shop to satisfy that fix? If so, you are spending $3 to $5 a day to do so. It adds up. If you go 3 times a week, that is $468 to $780 a year!!! Are you charging that too? Add on interest.

If you buy a bag of coffee beans or grounds and make coffee at home, it will run you $15 for a nice bag of coffee. That bag will likely last a month, just $180 per year. It’s clear that with rising inflation and food prices, you can save some serious money by making your own. Watch some YouTube videos to learn how to make some fancy drinks. With a little practice, you can enjoy a great cup of joe and save some bucks while you are at it!

Don’t let your debt pile up when making a few smart choices can save you hundreds of dollars. File a chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy to get a kickstart on restoring your credit and your life.

Add some whipped cream to that coffee, it’s ok to treat yourself once and awhile too!