Chicago Bankruptcy Network Attorneys Focus Solely on Consumer Bankruptcy Law                  

If you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer, our lawyers at Leeders & Associates, Ltd are here for you. We speak with only handles bankruptcy cases. By limiting their practice area to just bankruptcy, you can feel comfortable that the attorney you hire will be extremely knowledgeable in the intricacies of the bankruptcy code, the local court rules, and the bankruptcy case law in Illinois.


Stop juggling your bills and contact an attorney from the Chicago Bankruptcy Network. We know you are sick of spending money on interest and finance charges for things you purchased months, or years ago. That money could go to purchase a home, for your children's college education, or for your retirement.

Stop throwing good money away, and call our lawyer network today to see how you can start saving for your future.

Why Hire a Chicago Bankruptcy Network Attorney?

  • Leeders & Associates, Ltd are Experienced bankruptcy attorneys
  • Friendly staff
  • State of the art computer network
  • Convenient city and suburban offices
  • Free consultations
  • Payment plans
  • Network of contacts to help re-establish credit after bankruptcy
  • File both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases
  • Knowledge of the local court systems and players involved


Bankruptcy Law Changes

Significant changes to the bankruptcy laws went into effect in 2005.  Your Chicago Bankruptcy Network lawyers have studied them in detail so you won't have to!  Your lawyer will explain to you which changes will affect your case, and they will help guide you through the filing process so you can get the relief you deserve.  

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